Contact center

Secondary level of user statuses

Genesys Cloud administrators can now customize a secondary level of user status selections for an organization. For more information, see Manage secondary statuses.

Users in organizations with secondary statuses configured can select from the new statuses in their user settings. For more information, see Change presence and status.

Option to force wrap-up on disconnected conversations

When an agent logs out without wrapping up a call, the contact record is essentially “stuck.” This prevents the campaign from fully stopping and ties up the records in that campaign. The new option allows an administrator to force a blind transfer or a wrap-up code for an interaction, freeing the record and the associated campaign. For more information, see Wrap-up calls from the campaign details view and Transfer calls from the campaign details view.

Chat and email metrics in Queue Wrapup Summary and Agent Metrics reports

The Agent Metrics and Queue Wrapup Summary reports now include statistics for voice, email, and chat media types. For more information, see Agent Metrics report and Queue Wrapup Summary report.