December 18, 2015


New features and functionality

  • Location enhancements to add address fields (street, city, state, zip, country).


New features and functionality

  • Site enhancements:
    • Renamed classifications to number plans and made them easier to use.
    • Better integration of outbound routes into sites.
    • Improved UI experience. 
    • Enabled locations to be associated with a site which allows for additional emergency services configuration capabilities.
  • Emergency services configuration enhancements:
    • Ability to configure a location to be selected on a site.
    • Select a default emergency number ANI to be sent to emergency services when an emergency call is made from an entity associated with the site.
    • Ability to configure an emergency number to either always be sent or only be sent when another more relevant number such as a user’s DID or phone specific DID is not available.

Contact center

New features and functionality

  • New Dialer modes have been added:
    • Predictivethe most aggressive dialing mode, it predicts when an agent will be available, dials multiple numbers before the agent becomes available, and then uses call analysis to detect a live person.
    • Powerin Power dialing mode, a campaign waits to dial until an agent is available to receive the call. When an agent is idle again, the system places more calls to ensure that at least one live person answers.
  • In Predictive or Power mode, the aggressiveness of the campaign (or rate of dialing) is set by the value in the Abandonment % field when managing the campaign; the higher the number in the field, the more calls will be launched by the campaign.