Configuration objects are specific resources within your organization. A division is a separate unit that allows you to group and separate configurable objects, but keep them inside the same organization. Divisions can be organized by business unit, office location, country, brand, or any other classification you define.

In Genesys Cloud, administrators can move objects into divisions and then grant users access to specific objects based on access control. Configurable objects include:

    • Call routing objects
    • Coaching appointments
    • Contact lists
    • Data tables
    • Do not contact lists
    • Emergencies
    • Extensions
    • Flows
    • Flow milestones
    • Flow outcomes
    • Learning modules
    • Management units
    • Message routing objects
    • Outbound campaigns
    • Queues
    • Schedules
    • Schedule groups
    • Users

      Administrators can group and associate specific Genesys Cloud configuration objects within a division, and then using access control, selectively grant user access to the objects in that division.