Genesys Cloud does not automatically cancel the callback.

Best practice recommends not setting agent utilization that allows callbacks to interrupt calls. This configuration may create a situation in which real-time calls are answered before a callback is placed, thereby preventing the position in queue from being held.

Consider these scenarios:

  • If utilization is set to prevent calls from interrupting callbacks, and both calls and callbacks go through a single queue, the system attempts the callback before the caller reaches an agent. In that situation, the customer’s phone line may be busy and the callback will not succeed. This situation may result in the agent rescheduling another callback and then receiving the call from the customer, which leaves the rescheduled callback in the queue.
  • If multiple queues exist, the customer could possibly reach an agent before the agent places the callback. If the customer reaches an agent and the callback is still in queue, the system continues to route the callback to an available agent.