On February 27, 2019, Genesys announced that we are deprecating the TURN server port range 4915265535 effective May 31st, 2019. Going forward customer firewalls placed between WebRTC clients and Genesys Cloud must be configured to allow for connectivity in the 16384–32768 port range. For more information, see Deprecation: TURN port range.

To quickly determine if you are affected by the TURN server port range deprecation, you can run the WebRTC with Audio (Default) test on the Genesys Cloud WebRTC Diagnostics app. For more information, see Run the Genesys Cloud Diagnostic app.

When the test is complete, take note of connectivity section of the onscreen results.

If you see No connectivity issues, then your TURN server port range is properly configured and you are all set for the deprecation.

NOTE: you may still need to make sure that the port range 3276965535 is closed on your firewall.

If you see Failed to find a port in the required range (16384–32768), then you need to reconfigure the TURN server port range of your company firewall so that the 16384–32768 port range is open and the 32769-65535 port range is closed.