FAQ: Why isn’t the client appearing in Lightning?

For the client to appear in Salesforce Lightning, change a few settings in Salesforce and create a component for the client.

  1. Set up your Lightning apps to use the Salesforce SoftPhone.

    In Lightning, the client appears as a component, or Lightning app, accessible from the bottom of your browser window. Follow the Lightning apps setup at Salesforce Lightning Experience

  2. Add URLs to the definition files.

    The managed package installed for PureCloud for Salesforce includes definition files for both PureCloud for Salesforce Classic and PureCloud for Salesforce Lightning. Make sure the URL for PureCloud for Salesforce Lightning points to the correct URL.  

    1. In Salesforce, click Setup.
    2. Search for and then click Call Centers.

      The All Call Centers page appears.

    3. Next to PureCloud for Salesforce Lightning, click Edit.
    4. Update CTI Adapter URL with https://apps.mypurecloud.com/crm/index.html?crm=salesforce.
    5. Click Save.
  3. Associate your user with PureCloud for Salesforce Lightning.
    1. Under your user name at the top of the page, click Settings.
    2. Click Advanced User Details.
    3. Click Edit.
    4. Next to Call Center, click the Lookup icon.
    5. Select PureCloud for Salesforce Lightning
      Tip: If PureCloud for Salesforce Lightning does not appear in the Search Results, delete the text in the Search box and click Go! The Search Results update with PureCloud for Salesforce Lightning.
    6. Click Save.
  4. Access the client through a Lightning app.
    1. Click the App Launcher icon at the top of the page.
    2. Select the Lightning app, such as Sales, for which you created a phone component (step 1).

      A Phone component appears in the bottom of the page.

    3. Click Phone.

The client is now visible in Lightning.