FAQ: Does it matter what number is sent to E911?

Yes. The number that is sent to the E911 operator as the calling number is not only for association with the correct address, it will also serve as the callback number for the operator should the call be disconnected. For that reason, it is best to use the caller’s own number if at all possible as that will allow any callback to be sent directly to the person needing assistance. This is configured by selecting Use as the ANI only if the phone or user doesn’t have a phone number Location option.

If your agents do not have individual numbers or if those numbers are not reachable externally, then the ELIN should be used. Because the number will serve as a callback contact for Emergency Services operators, it is highly recommended that the ELIN be a number associated with a phone in the same physical location, such as a front desk or security desk. It is NOT recommended to use an IVR number as an ELIN as an operator performing a callback will not be able to reach the actual person needing assistance.