Canned responses Admin UI refresh

Announced on Effective date Release Note
February 28, 2024 TBD TBD

In a future Genesys Cloud release, a new user interface for managing canned responses will be accessible to administrators. This new UI will offer improved usability and intuitiveness. This UI refresh focuses solely on style enhancements related to usability, without introducing any major functional changes or additional features, ensuring no impact on agent-facing views.

Currently, we present libraries and responses on a single page, listed side-by-side. Following this update, you will discover a separate tab dedicated to responses, equipped with related functions such as search, add, and edit. Also, the screen for adding a response will feature a refreshed look and feel. For more information, see the Canned responses Admin UI Refresh community post.



Canned responses before UI change.

Canned responses after UI change.