• Directory > User > All permission

The Manage People page lets you add and remove people, or edit settings by individual. To access this page:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under People & Permissions, click People.
  3. To edit user settings, do the following:
    1. Navigate to the user you want to modify.
    2. Click More 
    3. From the menu that appears, click Edit Person.

Controls and columns

This table describes the available controls on the Manage People page.

Control or column Action
Filter menu

Filter the list to display only active, inactive, both active and inactive, or deleted members. By default, this view displays active and inactive users.

Note: This feature is helpful if you want to apply bulk updates, such as reactivating or deactivating users.

Search field Sorts the people list based on keyword matching.
Add Person button Opens the Add People to Organization window with the Person tab selected.
Bulk Import button Opens the Add People to Organization window with the Import tab selected.
Set State button

Set the user or users to active, inactive, or deleted. 

Note: Users in active status can log into Genesys Cloud, which impacts the billing cycle. For more information, see Billing FAQs. Inactive users cannot log into Genesys Cloud.

Send Invite button Sends email invites to all users who have not received one and who have not logged in.
Assign Skills Bulk assigns skills to multiple users.
Name The existing user. Click the corresponding link and open the Edit User page for this user. Here, you can manage roles, divisions and licenses, ACD skills, queues, and user details. You can also view the user’s current permissions.
Active A check mark in this column indicates that an administrator set this user as active in the organization.
License The current license assigned to the user. Hover over the Asterisk  and view add-on options assigned to the user.
Last Login The most recent date in which the user logged in to Genesys Cloud, or if the user has never logged in.

The number of roles assigned to the user.

Note: The role counte does not include any roles that the user inherited from groups.

Email The email address associated to this user.
Division The division in which the user object data belongs. 
Welcome Sent The date an administrator sent the user an invitation to join Genesys Cloud. 

Opens a menu with more options for editing the person’s profile, resetting password, and other administrative tasks. 

Note: When you set a user as inactive, Genesys Cloud no longer bills the organization for this account, and the user cannot log into Genesys Cloud.

When you select a user, you can edit the user’s configuration data. For more information, see Edit a user’s configuration data.