Wait action

Use this action to pause the email, survey, or message process for a duration or until a time that you specify. Durations have a composite value of days, hours, minutes, and seconds. The length of the duration is the total of days, hours, minutes, and seconds values. You can use a duration value to determine how long part of a process waits before it proceeds.

Note: For inbound email, inbound message, inbound chat, workflow, in-queue email, and in-queue message flows, this action disconnects after 72 hours and then enters error handling. For survey invite flows, the action disconnects after one hour.
Name Description
Name field  Type a distinctive name for the action. The label you enter here becomes the action’s name displayed in the task sequence.
  • To set the values in literal mode, under Duration use the + or  buttons to set the appropriate value, or type it inline.
  • To set the value using an expression, under Duration click the Expression button and do one of the following:
    • Add the expression inline.
    • To open the Edit Expression Editor and create your expression, click the Edit Expression button.