• Conversation > Communication > View

Genesys Cloud quality managers and quality evaluators can now view the participant data attributes defined in the flows directly in the interaction details view.

Genesys Cloud stores participant data attributes as part of the conversation. An attribute is a piece of information about a participant that travels with them throughout the interaction. Participant data attributes persist between transfers from one call flow to another. This will help quality managers and quality evaluators know the results of data actions, collected digits in IVR, and results of data table found values.

To view participant attribute data:

  1. Click Performance > Workspace > Interactions.
  2. Choose the interaction you want to view.
  3. On the Details tab, scroll down to the Participant Data section.
  4. Click to expand the data for the participant you want to view.
  5. Optional: Hover over any value of participant data and select the copy icon to copy the participant data to your clipboard.

Note: Time to live (TTL) is 60 days for participant data. After 60 days, the data can only be accessed when it is exported.