• A subscription with the provider is required.
  • You must have a license key from Gryphon Networks Corporation. Your key uniquely identifies you as a client, and authorizes your right to use their service.

This procedure explains how to create a DNC entry that uses a web service provided by Gryphon Networks Corporation to perform just-in-time DNC scrubbing when records are selected for dialing.

  1. Click Admin.

  2. Under Outbound, click List Management.

  3. Click the Do Not Contact Lists tab.

  4. Click Create New.

  5. Type a unique name in the DNC List Name field. DNC list names can contain spaces, numbers, and special characters, but must be unique.

  6. Choose Gryphon from the DNC List Type box.

  7. Enter your Gryphon license key in the License box. A Gryphon license must be eight hyphen-separated sets of 4 characters. For example:

  8. Click Save.

    Note: A DNC entry cannot be saved if the license key is invalid. If you enter an invalid Gryphon license key, Genesys Cloud will warn that authentication failed.
    Remember—a DNC entry has no effect unless it is assigned to a campaign.