Use Architect prompts in Google Cloud Dialogflow CX bots

You can create and use Architect prompts with Google Cloud Dialogflow CX bots, instead of using text-to-speech. This feature enables you to use established Dialogflow CX prompts by pre-recording them and then storing them in Architect.

To configure Architect user prompt functionality for your bot, first create a Play pre-recorded audio prompt in the Google Cloud CX UI. After you configure it, the system uses the audio and test from the user prompt instead of Dialogflow CX’s audio and text response for the fulfillment response.

  • If the system encounters a problem when retrieving the configured prompt, then it uses the audio and text as if it was not previously configured.
  • This feature only supports user prompts, not system prompts.

Enable Architect user prompt functionality for each Google Cloud Dialogflow CX fulfillment

  1. Create a user prompt in Architect.
  2. In the Google Cloud Platform console, go to the Dialogflow CX Console.
  3. Select a project.
  4. Select the region.
  5. To ensure that the advanced settings are enabled, follow these steps:
    1. Click Agent Settings.
    2. Click Speech and IVR.
    3. Enable Advanced Speech Settings.
    4. If you made any changes, click Save.
  6. Select the Flow Page in which the fulfillment is defined.
  7. Select the Route or Event Handler.
  8. Under Fulfillment, click Add dialogue option and select Play pre-recorded audio.
  9. Using the following format, add the following prompt value. Replace ArchitectUserPromptName with the name of the prompt that you created in step 1. This step enables Architect to use prompt functionality.
  10. Click Save.