A digital transcript is a textual representation of an email, chat, sms, or message between customers and agents. The digital transcript is stored long term based on your recording policy.  The visual representation of the transcription includes timing and speaker specific information.

Use the Transcript tab to get better insight into the content of digital interactions, to improve training and feedback for call center employees, and to identify business problems.

  • Transcripts for email interactions include a Toggle HTML option that enables you to view the email as plain text with markers.
  • An email transcription viewed in HTML will not include topic and sentiment markers.
  • For email interactions, the entire email thread appears in the Transcript tab. The latest email appears at the top of the Transcript tab. 

Key features

  • Readable – Transcripts include words that were detected in the conversation by the transcription engine.
  • Search – Transcripts include a local search option that enables you to quickly find exactly what you want within the transcript.
  • Timestamps – Transcripts include a timestamp for every speaker utterance. The timestamp enables you to easily find when a phrase was said.
  • Speaker identification – Speakers are identified throughout the transcript. For more information, see the View who is talking during a digital interaction section in the Work with a digital transcript page.
  • Events panel – Contains three lists (topics, positive, and negative). The positive and negative lists show of all the detected sentiment analysis markers together with their corresponding phrase. The topics list is a list of the topic markers that appear in the transcript when a topic phrase is identified. From the Events panel (located on the right side of the Transcript tab) you can filter the lists to only display positive markers, negative markers, or a combination of both. In addition, from the Events panel you can hover over the sentiment analysis marker and phrase to view a tooltip with the sentiment score and phrase.

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