• Admin role

Enable or disable Collaborate video. This feature is enabled by default.

When you remove video permissions for all users, video functionality no longer appears in the following areas in web and desktop applications: 

  • One-to-one chat
  • Activity feeds
  • Group chat
  • Message notifications
  • Left navigation bar
  • Favorites listings
  • User profile pages
  • User settings
  • User profile cards
  • Directory listings

    • The permission and disablement of video features applies to all Genesys Cloud users and roles. The expectation is that customers interested in disabling Collaborate video features are using other platforms for collaborative video. Genesys does not intend to support partial video disablement, or any odd behavior, bugs, or data discrepancies that arise due to the mixed disablement of video in the near term.
    • ACD screen share is different from Collaborate video and is not affected by this procedure. 
    • Disabling Collaborate video does not disable chat or favorites.

    To disable Collaborate video for your organization:

    1. Click Admin.
    2. Under People & Permissions, click Roles/Permissions.
    3. Select a role from the list.
    4. Click the Permissions tab.
    5. Select Assigned Permissions.
    6. Search for Video > Video > Access and clear the check box beside the permission.
    7. Click Save.
    8. Repeat steps 3–7 until you have removed the Video > Video > Access permission from all roles within your organization.