SIP Diagnostics

The following permissions:

  • Telephony Plugin All
  • Telephony > Pcap > Add
  • Telephony > Pcap > View 

If you are using BYOC Cloud or BYOC Premises, you can use the information in the SIP Diagnostics section on the Interactions Detail page, to troubleshoot network or SIP trunk configurations.  This information is for telephony administrators and network engineers who need to understand the SIP signaling sent between Genesys and the third-party carrier or PBX, at the other end of the call.

A PCAP file is a packet capture file that can be viewed with freely available network protocol analyzer applications. A PCAP file shows you the signaling history for a specific call and can be used to troubleshoot call failures at the SIP level.

Calls that traverse an external trunk such as BYOC Cloud Carrier, PBX trunks, or premises Edge External Trunks, will have a PCAP file generated. The PCAP file is available for analysis for 21 days.

  • Station to station calls do not generate PCAP files.
  • For BYOC Premises, you must enable the Conversation Headers setting on the trunk. If this setting is disabled, the capture can’t be queried by conversation ID.  For more information see External trunk settings.

PCAP generation is considered a best-effort on premises Edge appliances. To prioritize real-time media processing during periods of high resource utilization, PCAP generation can be delayed or even suspended.

Best-effort means that everything that can be done to generate a PCAP will be done, but not to the point of slowing down or preventing the processing of calls. For example, during contact center peak capacity, Genesys Cloud may not be able to handle all the calls and generate a PCAP at the same time. Genesys Cloud prioritizes the handling of calls over generating a PCAP file. As a result, during times of high call volume, there might not be information in the PCAP file for that time period. If the call volume is at a level that Genesys Cloud can handle all the calls and generate a PCAP at the same time, then there will be information in the PCAP file for that time period.