Set up co-browse


For chat:

  • Cobrowse > Session > View permission 
  • Cobrowse > Chat > Escalate permission

For voice:

  • Cobrowse > Session > View permission
  • Cobrowse > Voice > Escalate permission

Co-browse sends a copy of the sharer’s current page on your website to PureCloud. Co-browse needs two pieces to work:

  • A deployment key, which the co-browse JavaScript API uses to identify your website to PureCloud. Configure the deployment key in PureCloud.
  • The Co-browse JavaScript API, which you add to your website’s source code. The co-browse API enables PureCloud users to view shared pages from your site. It uses your deployment key to identify itself to PureCloud. Use the JavaScript API to configure co-browse options, which include the following:
    • Which private data your site masks or hides during co-browse sessions. Co-browse does not send any masked data to PureCloud, and agents cannot see the contents of any masked sections.
    • Whether viewers can request control of the shared page.
    • Whether co-browse hides cursors.
    • The preferred locale for co-browse sessions.
    • The logging level.