Send a sticker in a message interaction

If you are using the Line app, you can send stickers in your message interactions.

  1. In the Enter message window, click the emoji icon.

    Image showing emoji icon

  2. To see the available stickers, at the top of the emoji window, select the sticker tab. 

    Image of the sticker picker

    Message platforms provide stickers in multiple categories. To see additional stickers, choose another category from the list.
  3. Select a sticker. Genesys Cloud displays a numeric representation for the sticker in the text window.Image showing numeric representation of sticker

  4. To send the sticker, press Enter.

  • You must select the sticker from the list. If you type the numeric representation, instead of selecting the sticker, you will send that text string to the recipient.
  • You must send text and stickers in separate messages. If you try to send them in the same message, the recipient receives the sticker and text separately.
  • Genesys Cloud only supports standard, unanimated stickers. An agent receives a static image in place of an animated sticker.