About targets for action maps

    When Genesys Predictive Engagement presents an offer to chat to a visitor, that offer can include an invitation to speak directly with a live agent assigned to the queue to which the action map routes. Multiple action maps can route to the same target queue.
    • Genesys Predictive Engagement can offer web actions, such as web chats and content offers, every 10 seconds. Visitors may experience a delay in receiving these types of offers.
    • Only use the Route if agents available option for web chat engagements that you don’t intend to route to a bot.
    • Multiple action maps can route to the same target queue.
    • Genesys Predictive Engagement does not use workforce management (WFM) or Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) data to power the service level throttling / “Route to agent if available” feature. For Genesys Cloud CX customers, Genesys Predictive Engagement uses the real-time presence status of agents that the analytics APIs provide. The status is available for all Genesys Cloud CX customers and the WFM or WEM features do not impact it directly.
    Genesys Predictive Engagement allows chat offers when the following criteria are met:
    • Action map conditions are met.
    • URL conditions are verified.
    • Throttling allows the chat. By default, throttling aims to have 80% of chats answered within 20 seconds.
      • For Genesys Engage on-premisess customers only, the Agent Pacing Service determines agent availability.
    • Agents are on queue.
    • Chat is within scheduled hours.

    Genesys Predictive Engagement calculates the service level based on the queue’s configuration in Genesys Cloud CX.

    Specify agent queue

    Select the agent queue to receive chat engagements from thisaction map. You can select any queue that is available in your contact center.

    To ensure that Genesys Predictive Engagement presents the chat engagement only when agents are available to engage with the visitor and only when you are not using chatbots, move the Route if agents available slider to Yes.

    • If the Route if agents available option is turned off, Genesys Predictive Engagement sends the engagement to the queue that you specify regardless of whether an agent in the queue is available.
    • If chatbots are handling interactions, do not turn on the Route if agents available option.

    Note: For more information about advanced routing, see Genesys Predictive Engagement with advanced chat routing.

    Unavailable queues

    • Deleted or removed queues aren’t available for selection.
    • If a queue that you selected previously becomes unavailable, a warning appears next to the queue list box.
    • If you do not select a queue and you configured a default or general queue, Genesys Predictive Engagement sends all engagements from this action map to the configured queue. Genesys Predictive Engagement doesn’t make routing decisions; they are platform dependent.