Prepare Genesys Cloud components

Prepare a Genesys Cloud integration and data actions for use with an Architect flow action.

Prepare a Genesys Cloud integration

Before you configure an action map to use an Architect flow action, install and configure an integration in Genesys Cloud:

When you first install a Genesys Cloud integration, it has an active status. The integration must remain active for a Genesys Predictive Engagement Architect flow action to use it. To verify the status, check the setting of the Status toggle on the main Integrations page.

Prepare the Genesys Cloud data actions

  1. Import the necessary data actions for your integration:
  2. Associate the data actions with your integration and configure them. The configuration options for the data action are specific to the data action itself. For more information about possible configuration options, see Data actions on the About Integrations page.
  3. Save and publish your data actions.
  • When you use predefined data actions as part of a Predictive Engagement solution, do not modify them.
  • Your Genesys Cloud organization can have 15 requests per second per data action. If you anticipate a higher volume of requests, contact Professional Services.