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Plan for User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

After you complete the discovery, design, and configuration phases of implementation, the project reaches a critical milestone: User Acceptance Testing (UAT). In UAT, your employees play the role of testers to validate that Genesys Cloud meets your users’ needs in the operational or business environment.

The main purpose of UAT is to validate the service against business requirements. Users familiar with the business requirements carry out this validation. UAT is the last step in the process before the service goes live in your production environment. Therefore, this opportunity is the last chance for your team to verify whether you configured Genesys Cloud to meet your organization’s requirements. It also provides users with a preview of the solution before the go-live date to help reduce or eliminate last-minute change requests as you uncover new business requirements.

During the UAT phase of the project, your Project Manager is responsible for organizing internal employees to complete the UAT testing. To complete this process, follow established guidelines with a standard set of use cases, and then document problems or bugs. 


Discuss the following questions with your team:

  • Has our project team planned for and executed a testing plan for new technology? If yes, what were the lessons learned? If no, what do we need to know to be successful in our testing?
  • Who manages the UAT process internally, ensuring that we meet all UAT obligations and fully test the service? What process tracks and communicates progress?
  • Do we have an established method to train UAT testers to conduct testing of standard use cases and document all outcomes and anomalies?
  • Do we have users to create real-world functional scenarios to use for testing?
  • Do we have real-world users who can devote time to conducting realistic testing?


Take the following actions before moving forward:

Preparation Assigned to Complete date
Document the use cases that UAT testers use to test the service. In these scenarios, your customers contact you and you contact your customers.
Identify your UAT team. Ensure that the team members are users of the service or applications the company plans to replace with Genesys Cloud.
Develop and document the process for testing all use cases and capturing results to identify failure points and changes required, and to validate that the process works as designed. 
Create a testing timeline that includes adequate time for testing, revisions, and retesting. 

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