Enable DHCP and DNS on your server for phone provisioning

You can configure your DNS / DHCP Servers to allow for automatic provisioning to multiple PureCloud Edges.

For more information on DHCP and DNS, see Enable DHCP on the phone to discover the phone settings from the Edge.


Note: PureCloud Voice customers do not need to follow the DNS procedure.

Create two Host A records with the same name on your DNS server:

  • PureCloudEdge – Primary Edge IP Address
  • PureCloudEdge – Backup Edge IP Address
Note: The phone’s subnet needs to talk to your DNS server to resolve the names.


Note: PureCloud Voice customers set DHCP Option 160 to a URL provided by the PureCloud enablement team.

Configure Option 160 on your DHCP Server. The default ports for BYOC Premises are 8088 for http and 8089 for https. However, you can use any ports you wish as long as they are reachable and don’t conflict with anything else currently in use on the Edge.

  • Option 160 = http://PureCloudEdge:8088
  • Option 160 = https://PureCloudEdge:8089 – When provisioning phones with TLS trunks.