Each callable phone or station in Genesys Cloud has one or more addresses. To keep addresses updated, or to create a dial plan (call routing) rule, an administrator can add an address to the system. This topic describes the syntax for creating a Genesys Cloud phone address.

You can assign multiple addresses to a callable entity. For example, you can assign a user with a number and a SIP address, such as tel:+15177158105 and sip:user.name@yourdomain.com.

The following rules apply to the addresses that you create:

  • Normalized addresses require a prefix that indicates the address type, such as tel:, sip:, sips,…
  • All addresses in the system must be unique.

Some administrator applications also require you to enter a normalized address.

Syntax examples for phone addresses

E.164 formatted numbers have the following compositions:

or for numbers that include an extension:


To normalize an E.164 number so that Genesys Cloud can use it, add a “tel:” and a “+”prefix:




Network phone numbers can have the following compositions:


sips:user@host;parameters (Indicating an encrypted connection)

The user portion and parameters are optional; ext” can be one of the parameters.







Addressable entities

A Genesys Cloud address can apply to any addressable entity, such as:

  • Users
  • Conferences
  • Profiles (IVRs) and specific points within profiles
  • Distribution queues
  • External numbers
  • Other Edge devices

The system requires a telephony admin to enter a normalized address in certain configuration applications, such as when creating a classification. In most cases, Genesys Cloud creates phone addresses automatically. For example, when an administrator uses the UI to assign a direct dial (DID) phone number to a user, Genesys Cloud normalizes the number after the admin saves the transaction.