Open the Audit Viewer

  • Admin role
  • Audits > Audit > View permission

To open the Audit Viewer, do one of the following:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Troubleshooting, click Audit Viewer. The full-page viewer opens, which enables you to click an individual row for a more detailed view of an audit entry.
    Click the image to enlarge.
    Image of the full-page audit viewer
  3. At the bottom of any Admin page, click Show audits footer in the lower right corner.
    Note: Hover over the footer to view the Show audits footer option.

    Image of the Show audits footer option

    When you click Show audits footer, a small version of the audit log viewer opens.

    Note: The audits footer provides less detail than the primary Audit Viewer.

    To open the full-page Audit Viewer and view more details, click the Link to full page audit viewer icon. To close the audits footer, click the Hide audits footer icon.

    Image of the options to view full page audit viewer and hide the audits footer

    The audit viewer displays all events for the current day by default. For more information on viewing audit events and event details, see View audit events.