The following permissions:

  • Recording > Recording Segment View
  • Analytics Conversation DetailView
  • Analytics Conversation Aggregate View
  • Analytics > Dashboard Configurations > View
  • Any permissions required for the selected view

      Enable or disable limited masking of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in performance views and exports. When limited PII masking is enabled, certain PII is not displayed in performance views and exports.

      The types of PII that you can mask include ANI (automatic number identification) and DNIS (dialed number identification service) phone number data. Any PII that is masked by this setting is stored by Genesys Cloud and is accessible in other scenarios such as direct API calls or other views.

      • PII is only masked in certain views. It may still be visible to users in other views or accessible through direct API calls.
      • Any PII that is masked is stored by Genesys Cloud.
      • Enable limited masking of PII using the analytics reporting API. See: API Explorer.