The tables below describe validation errors and other errors you may encounter when you import historical data.

Error Description Solution
Empty file

An empty input or empty file (0 bytes) is considered invalid. A valid header as the first and only line in the file is also considered to be an empty file. 

Make sure the file’s header is correct and that it contains at least one row of data.

Invalid header in the input file

If the header fails to match the exact valid header sequence, it is considered to be an invalid header. An invalid header fails the validation service immediately.

Make sure the header exactly matches:

Interval Start UTC Date,Queue,Media Type,Skill Set,Language,Offered,Interactions Handled,Total Handle Time

Invalid row

Any row that does not have 8 columns is considered an invalid row.

Make sure that the row includes at least eight columns. If a missing value exists in the optional field, add a comma for a total of seven to complete the eight fields.

Invalid dates

A date is considered invalid if it is:

  • Behind the given import end date by three years.
  • A future date.
  • Not an exact multiple of 15 minutes.

Correct the invalid date. Make sure that it is not a future date, or a date prior to three years from the provided import data end date.

A date should be an exact multiple of 15-minute intervals. For example: 

  • YYYY-MM-DDTHH:00:00Z
  • YYYY-MM-DDTHH:30:00Z
  • YYYY-MM-DDTHH:45:00Z
  • YYYY-MM-DDTHH:45:00.000Z
  • YYYY-MM-DDTHH:45:00.000


  • YYYY = year in 4 digits. For example: 2020
  • MM = month in 2 digits. For example: 05, 11
  • DD = date of month in 2 digits. For example: 01-31
  • HH = hours in 2 digit. For example: 12, 05

Invalid queue

Any queue that does not exist in Genesys Cloud is invalid.

Make sure that the queue exists in the system.

Invalid media type

Any media type other than VOICE, CHAT, EMAIL, CALLBACK, MESSAGE is invalid.

Make sure that this media type is supported and properly formatted.

Invalid skills

Skills should be provided as triple pipe (|||) separated values. This value can be empty.

Note: If any skill contains a leading or trailing | pipe character, the skill set may not be correctly interpreted. Avoid leading or trailing | pipe characters in the skill name.

For example:

Guitar|, and |Piper returns as Guitar|||||Piper will turn as Guitar, ||Piper. However, |Piper|||Guitar| returns as |Piper, Guitar|. Guitar||||||Piper|, will turn as Guitar, <empty skill>, Piper|.

Make sure the skill exists in the system and is formatted properly

Invalid language

Any language that does not exist in Genesys Cloud is invalid. 

Make sure that the language exists in the system.

Invalid numbers

Each number in the input file should be a valid number. 

Correct the invalid number. Make sure the number does not contain alphabetical or other characters.

Reaching maximum error limit

After the error counter increases to more than 20 errors, the validation service fails with the list of errors. 

The errors are displayed in the UI. Search for and fix them in the input file.

Error Description Solution
Generic error message: An error occurred while processing the request.

This error can be caused by:

  • Internal server error
  • Network error 

Wait for a few minutes and try again. If the problem persists, contact Genesys Cloud Customer Care.