What are the Genesys NLU improvements?

Genesys developed a new natural language understanding (NLU) engine that is already used by Genesys Digital Bot Flows (chat bots). The latest update makes the NLU engine available for both Genesys Digital Bot Flows and Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows (voice bots). The NLU engine will support more languages in a future release, and enables bot flows and digital bot flows to benefit from future features such as multi-lingual bots and improved reporting and analytics tools.

How do I enable the NLU engine for my bot flows?

All Genesys Digital Bot Flows (chat bots) were created with the new NLU engine by default and will continue to do so. The most recent update automatically comes into affect for newly created Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows (voice bots).

Are my current bot flows affected?

No, current bot flows do not change to the new NLU unless you change it manually. You can configure your current bots to use the new NLU by clicking “save as,” which creates a new bot flow that uses the new NLU engine. Genesys recommends that you do this when you want to take advantage of future features and enhancements, such as language support.

What are the differences between the new NLU engine and previous versions?

You should not see any significant changes in NLU performance with previous versions. However, Genesys will add future language support and upcoming features such as multi-lingual bots to the new NLU version only.

How do I use the multiple language support in my bot flows?

To use the multi-language support feature, you must use the native NLU engine.