Genesys Cloud support of UK long codes

In the United Kingdom, mobile operators continue to combat spam and phishing on the text channel. As part of these efforts, they have launched the Know Your Customer (KYC) practice. This practice mandates organizations to complete registration before a newly purchased UK long code is approved for use. 

Click the form to register for the UK long code.

Note: By September 30, 2024, all new and existing UK long codes are to be registered. If not, the long codes have to be released from your organization. Communication to collect the necessary registration details will be rolled out soon.

For now, registration is managed manually through a form submission. We are presently collecting your company and use case information in an online registration form that you must fill out in its entirety before Genesys can register your UK long code. Failing to provide all the required information extends the registration lead-time.

  • Company information – Name, Registration Authority, and Registration Number
  • Company address
  • Website address
  • Company contact information – Name, Phone Number, Email
  • Outbound Message Sample Content
  • UK Longcode(s)