Find a correlation ID

A correlation ID is one main piece of information that ties user-side and cloud-side information together. You can use them to search back-end logs for entries to isolate the problem. Correlation IDs look something like “9d2dee33-7803-485a-a2b1-2c7538e597ee”.

They are useful because troubleshooting mainly involves a combination of user-side information (logs generated by the Web/Desktop app) and cloud-side information, which can be accessed with a correlation ID.

You can find the correlation ID from network logs or API calls.

From network logs:

  1. Gather console network logs.
  2. Go to Response Headers in the Headers tab.
  3. Find ININ-Correlation-Id.

From an API:

  1. In the API Explorer, use any API to send a request to your org. The response includes your inin-correlation-id.