The steps in this tutorial only apply to users who are on the GCNow free trial.

Architect allows administrators and contact center managers to link together predefined operations to create simple or sophisticated menu applications. Use it to play audio, route interactions to agents, queues, voicemail, external numbers, or other flows. For more information, see About Architect.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to customize the preconfigured flow to add your company name to the welcome greeting. We preconfigured an inbound call flow for you. This flow routes calls based on user input in your GCNow trial organization. 

  1. On the top navigation pane, click Admin.
  2. Under Architect, click Architect.
  3. On the Architect home page, ensure that Inbound Call is selected in the Flows menu.
  4. Click the flow to open it.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Change the initial greeting. For example, Hello, thanks for calling <name of your company>.
  7. Click Publish.
  8. Make a test call to listen to the changes. For more information, see Free trial tutorial: Take your first call.
  9. Edit the menu options and test the changes that you make. For more information, see Configure default menu settings.