Feature release notes

Feature release notes serve as your source for the latest information on new and updated generally available features in the Genesys Cloud environment. As these features are deployed into our production environment, the release notes provide key details, ensuring users are well-informed about the enhancements shaping their Genesys Cloud experience.

Published every Monday at 9:00 A.M. E.S.T., these release notes offer a timely and structured insight into the evolving landscape of Genesys Cloud features. Users can easily navigate through the comprehensive summary view, which organizes titles by major product areas. This organized approach makes it easy for users to find relevant information pertaining to their specific needs. Users can also click the labels below the content to view previous release notes that belong to the same categories and tags.

For those utilizing the Genesys Cloud FedRAMP platform, a simple click allows them to seamlessly switch between platforms, ensuring access to the latest release information in their preferred region.

To explore previous release notes or access information from earlier deployments, users can expand sections or utilize the Monthly Archive. The Monthly Archive conveniently categorizes release notes, making it easy to retrieve information from past updates.

If users are uncertain about when a feature was released, they can explore the Monthly Archive, expand all sections, and use Ctrl/CMD+F to conduct a quick search.

A commonly asked question is, “What is the difference between release notes and featuring coming soon announcements?” Release notes provide details about features that are already generally available and deployed. On the other hand, Features Coming Soon announcements offer a sneak peek into upcoming features before their deployment, allowing users to anticipate and prepare for the changes.

In essence, feature release notes stand as a comprehensive and accessible resource, empowering Genesys Cloud users to stay informed and make the most of the platform’s evolving capabilities.

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