Learn about Genesys Cloud contact center, Communicate, Collaborate, platform, and integrations features, and view feature deprecations.

Contact center

The Genesys Cloud contact center service includes an agent interface, supervisor tools, Architect, automated interaction routing, outbound campaigns, scripting, analytics, and more.


Genesys Cloud Communicate provides telephony features like calls, transfers, voicemail, faxing, messaging, and conferencing. 


Genesys Cloud Collaborate is a social media app that combines a company directory, hierarchy views, and ways to connect with people by chat, video, and document sharing.


The Genesys Cloud Platform provides the core architecture for all other Genesys Cloud services, including the APIs that power the browser, mobile, desktop, and telephony applications.


Genesys Cloud integrations connect Genesys Cloud to your other tools, systems, services, and applications so you can add call controls to a CRM, set up IVR data dipping, and synchronize profile data between these integrations and Genesys Cloud and more.

Feature deprecations

View announcement and removal dates for features deprecated from Genesys Cloud.