When you are in a submenu you can edit the values in some fields, such as Machine Name and Address Type. To edit these values, navigate to the appropriate field and complete the following steps.

  1. The LCD displays the field name with the current value. The navigation icons change to arrows as in the following example:
  2. The LCD highlights the first character in the name which indicates that you can change the value of that character. Use the lower left and lower right buttons that correspond to the up and down navigational arrow icons to change the character. 
  3. To move the cursor to a different character, press the upper left and upper right buttons that correspond to the right and left navigation arrow icons.
  4. When you finish editing the value of the field, move the cursor to the past the beginning or end of the value. The navigational icons change to display a check mark and an X.
  5. To save your changes, press the upper right button that corresponds to the check mark icon. To discard your changes, press the lower left button that corresponds to the X icon.
  6. The screen returns to the menu item with the right, left, up, and down navigational icons.
  7. Press the lower right button that corresponds to the down arrow navigation icon until the LCD displays Apply.
  8. Press the button that corresponds to the check mark navigation icon. This action applies the changes that you made the Edge.
Note: When you are editing a value in a field, the Edge restricts the values to ones that are valid for the field. You may have to first edit adjacent values before you can change the initial value as necessary. IP addresses and host names must always be valid which can restrict moving the cursor into an empty space. Moving the cursor to an empty space would invalidate the address or name.