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If you are using BYOC Premises, Genesys Cloud allows you to enable protocol capture logs on specific trunks for diagnostic purposes. You can then download these log files from any BYOC Premises Edge that hosts the trunk and then use the information to help troubleshoot call issues. These log files are saved in the .pcap file format and contain protocol-specific network information. Therefore, only download the protocol capture logs as directed by Genesys Cloud Customer Care.

To keep the file size manageable and conserve disk space, Genesys Cloud breaks up the capture operation into 24-hour periods ending at midnight. At midnight, the Edge closes the current .pcap file and opens a new one. Thus, each file contains at most 24 hours of data. After the Edge closes a .pcap file, it compresses the file into a .zip file. The .zip files remain on the Edge for a one week. After one week, the Edge checks the time and date stamp on the .zip files and deletes those files that are a week old.

To make it easy to locate the network capture log that you are looking for, you can use filters to narrow down the list of files.

Filter Description

There are four status conditions that you can filter on:

  • Failed
  • On Edge
  • Ready to Download
  • Uploading
IP Address Enter the IP address of the Edge
Port Enter a port number
Network Interface Select a network interface connected to the Edge
Date Created Use the calendar control to select the date that the log file was created
Date Modified Use the calendar control to select the date that the log file was last modified

To retrieve a protocol capture log:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Telephony, click Edges.
  3. Select the Edge containing the protocol capture log you want to retrieve.
  4. Click the Diagnostics Logs tab.
  5. Click Network Capture Logs.
  6. Use the filter controls to locate the protocol capture log you want to retrieve.
  7. Click the check box at the beginning of the row.
  8. Click Upload to Cloud.
    • When the file upload is complete, Ready to Download appears in the Status column
  9. Click the Ready to Download link and save the file to your computer.
  10. Examine the file as directed by Genesys Cloud Customer Care.

WarningDo not leave the Diagnostics Logs tab until you have downloaded the log file. If you leave the page, the system removes any uploaded or currently uploading log files.

You can use the information in a trunk’s protocol capture log to verify the trunk’s ability to communicate with the carrier. 

  • A common cause of not receiving packets is a middle device with an Application Level Gateway (ALG) turned on. The ALG changes the SIP content. The best practice is to turn off the ALG in any middle devices. 

  • If an inbound test call is made to a DID but the client never shows that call, then you can use the pcap file to see if the Edge device received the packet.

    • If the Edge received the packet but the client did not register the call, check the trunk protocol setting (UDP, TCP, or TLS) matches the protocol received. Also check the proper port number and ACL settings. 

    • If the Edge did not receive the packet, network routing needs adjustment.

  • With an outbound test call, the pcap file can confirm that the Edge successfully transmitted a packet out.