Digital Menu action

Use the Digital Menu action to offer guidance and other options to your customer.  

Name Description
Name field

The label you enter here becomes the name of the action in the task editor.

Question Enter the wording that the bot uses to ask the customer a question for the first time. Use the Rich Text Builder to customize the question. You can format text, add links and images, incorporate expression text, and add variables.
No Match

Enter the wording that the bot uses when it receives input, but the input is not a valid match.

Note: No match handling first uses the wording that you add to Settings > User Input > No Match Detected > No Match Apology before it plays this message.

Buttons Create buttons for the user to indicate what they want to do next. For example, book a hotel room, contact the hotel event center, or listen to dining hours. To activate a button, enable the checkmark next to it.