Deprecated variable use in Architect

If you have existing flows that include deprecated variable names, these flows continue to work as intended. However, best practice recommends updating your flows to use the current variable name. This step prevents deprecated variable usage messages in Architect. 

Although this practice is not common, Architect may deprecate certain variables to ensure consistency or plan for future development. This table lists all Architect deprecated variables and their updated variable names.

Deprecated variable Current variable 
Flow.Campaign Call.Campaign
Flow.Contact Call.Contact
Flow.ContactList Call.ContactList
Interaction.Language Call.Language

If you use a deprecated variable in an expression, Architect displays a message in the application, and lists the preferred variable name to use. As with existing flows, if you reference a deprecated variable in a new flow, Architect continues to function normally. However, best practice is to use the current name.

Note: Deprecated variable names no longer show up in Architect’s type-ahead functionality. If you begin typing a deprecated variable name, it will not appear in a list of results.


If you have flows that include the deprecated Interaction.Language variable name, we recommend you update any references to the current variable name: Call.Language. This example illustrates before and after variables in a Boolean expression for a deprecated variable name:

Before After

Interaction.Language == System.Languages.enUs.tag

Call.Language == System.Languages.enUs.tag