Why do I not see the groups that I need to map in the groups list of a CGR rule?

Ensure you add that groups that are required for CGR are as members to the queue. After you create the needed groups or work teams, add them as members to the queue.

How are Service Level (SL) % metrics calculated for CGR?

The SL % is calculated based on the interactions that are answered during the span of 30 minutes preceding the time the routing system calls the analytics API to run a CGR rule. If there are no interactions in the 30 minutes, the SL % cannot be calculated. As a result, the CGR rule evaluation will fail and routing will move to the next CGR rule evaluation, if available.

Why am not able to change the queue name in the first CGR rule?

By default, CGR first checks whether the current queue is under stress. Therefore the first CGR rule is always the current queue and cannot be changed.