Call Data Action overview

Default actions are automatically created when you add a data actions integration to your PureCloud organization. You can use these data actions with the integration throughout PureCloud. After you add the data actions integration to your PureCloud organization, you can create or update an interaction flow in Architect to use the data actions associated with the integration. For more information about creating custom data actions in PureCloud, see About custom actions for integrations.

In Architect, flow authors can use the Call Data Action within a task to retrieve information about a customer from default or custom data actions in PureCloud. The flow evaluates the data and uses the information to route interactions accordingly, based on the result of the evaluation.  For example, you can route interactions based on information the integration retrieves from Salesforce with the GetContactByEmail data action. You can also use this action to retrieve queue information from an external system, and then route interactions to the right queue based on collected information.

Note: The Call Data Action does not evaluate any retrieved data. Flow authors can, in subsequent actions, evaluate data retrieved from this action to determine the flow’s next steps; for example, by using Decision or Switch actions.

This action is available in the Data category of the task editor’s Toolbox. When the flow runs, the data action sends input to a web service and retrieves data back from the web service.