Amazon Lex integration FAQs

Why can’t I install the Lex integration?

  • Amazon Lex is a premium application. You cannot install a premium application until you update your Genesys Cloud subscription, by purchasing a license to use the application in your organization. To purchase a premium app, contact Genesys Cloud Sales. For more information, see About premium applications.

Why can’t I activate my Lex integration?

  • Genesys Cloud may be unable to access your AWS account with the credentials that you provide. Check that you copied the ARN correctly from the console, and that you configured the IAM role correctly. For more information, see Troubleshooting the Amazon Lex integration.

The integration incurs a “per invocation” Lex charge. What defines a Lex invocation?

  • A per invocation charge occurs when you call Lex from Architect. You can design your Lex bot to prompt and capture information through multiple utterances within a single Lex invocation.

Why can’t I see any bots or aliases appear in Architect after I activate my Lex integration?

  • Make sure a Lex bot has been created in the AWS console and been given an alias.
  • Verify your AWS account. If you configured separate test and production accounts, be sure that you check for the bots in the correct account.
  • Verify that the IAM role has the correct permissions. For more information, see Troubleshooting the Amazon Lex integration.
  • Confirm that your bots were created in the correct AWS region. For example, us-east-1 for US, eu-west-1 for EU.

Why do I get an error message when a flow calls into a Lex bot?

  • Verify that the IAM role has the permission to run bots. For more information, see Troubleshooting the Amazon Lex integration.
  • Verify the bot still exists in your AWS account.
  • Verify the Lex integration is still active in Integrations.

Why don’t updates I make to a Lex bot in the AWS console appear in Architect?

  • If you publish a new version of a bot, make sure to give it an alias, or make sure that an existing alias is updated to use the new version of the bot.
  • Refresh your cache.
  • When you re-validate the flow or refresh the Genesys Cloud page, it may take a minute or two to update.

Why can’t I add a second Amazon Lex integration?

  • Currently Genesys Cloud allows one Amazon Lex integration per organization. Therefore, only one AWS account can be linked to Genesys Cloud at a time.
  • To use a different AWS account with the Amazon Lex integration, change the integration’s credential to the ARN that corresponds with the new account.

Why can’t I get DTMF to work with my Amazon Lex integration?

When the integration between Genesys Cloud and Amazon Lex was released, DTMF was not yet supported by Amazon Lex. Because of this limitation, the capability was not built into the integration. Amazon has since released support for DTMF with Amazon Lex, but this feature is not yet supported by the Genesys Cloud integration. We plan to add support for DFTM into the Amazon Lex Genesys Cloud integration, but do not have a firm timeline for this enhancement yet.