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Use substitutions in canned responses to include real-time, customer-specific information.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Contact Center, click Canned Responses.
  3.  Add or  Edit a canned response.
  4. Next to Insert Substitution, click the plus.
  1. In the Name box, type a meaningful name. 
    Note: In Architect, a call, email, or Webchat flow calls the substitution by this name from the Set Participant Data action.
  2. In the Description box, type a meaningful description.
  3. In the Default Value box, type the text that should appear if Genesys Cloud cannot complete the substitution. For example, if you create a substitution that inserts the customer's date of birth, type something like, "your date of birth." During an interaction, if the agent uses the canned response, but the customer's actual date of birth is not available, those words appear instead.
  4. Click Done.