Within Expression Help, you can view implementations, parameters, and examples. You can also copy and paste a provided example into the Edit Expression dialog box and then modify it to meet your expression calculation.

Access expression help from the help menu

In the upper right corner of Architect, click the Help button and select Expression Help.

Access expression help using the Functions button

  1. From the Edit Expression dialog box or the Audio Sequence dialog box, click the F() button. The Expression Help dialog box opens.
  2. To locate a specific element, do one of the following:
  • In the Search field, type the first few letters of the function you want to view. Architect displays potential matches.
  • In the Name / Symbol area, use the scroll bar to navigate to the function you want to view and click the function to see the values.
  1. To exit the Expression Help dialog box, in the upper right corner click X.

Access expression help using type-ahead

You can easily access expression-specific function help by using Architect’s type-ahead feature in the Edit Expression dialog box. When you type the first few letters of text, Architect displays a list of potential matches. Each match includes a question mark  that, when clicked, opens the Expression Help for that expression.