Genesys Cloud Voice in Norway 

Genesys Cloud Voice, the 100% cloud-based solution using Genesys Telecom for phone service, is now available in Norway. For more information, see About Genesys Cloud Voice.

Contact center

View export data in interactions and interactions detail views

Contact center managers can now export the data in the Interactions view, Agents Interactions Detail view, and Queues Interactions Detail view to a .csv file. Managers can share the exported file with others in the contact center and use it to further analyze contact center performance. For more information, see Export view data.

Inbound messaging channel routing for WhatsApp

Administrators and contact center managers can now route WhatsApp direct messages from customers to agents using ACD. Contact your Genesys Advisor or Technical Account Manager about getting started with WhatsApp. For more information, see Third-party ACD messaging administration in About ACD and SMS messages.

Dynamically reference skills in Architect

Administrators and contact center managers can now configure flows to dynamically set a proficiency skill or language skill at runtime. This feature allows the flow to source data from a data action or a data lookup table and use the information to set the skill or language before transferring the interaction to ACD. Organizations can personalize customer interactions by sending them to the agent with the right skill or language based on customer or interaction data. For more information, see Find Skill action and Find Language Skill action.

Call history improvements

Call history in the Calls panel now displays any associated campaign on outbound calls. In addition, agents can now use the expander arrow in the call history to see the call flow for an interaction, and directly call any number within the interaction. For more information, see View call history


 mTLS authentication for data actions

The data actions service now supports mTLS authentication to increase security for data actions. For more information, see mTLS support for data actions and Security for data actions.


New color scheme for Genesys Cloud

The Genesys Cloud color scheme now matches the Genesys brand, with the Genesys orange and array of gray colors replacing the familiar blues. This enhancement has no impact on Genesys Cloud functionality. For more information, see New color scheme for Genesys Cloud FAQs on Genesys Community.