Contact center

Italian TTS and ASR language support

Text-to-speech (TTS) and speech recognition (ASR) support are now available for Italian (it-IT). For more information, see Genesys Cloud supported languagesThis feature requires Edge and Media Tier version or later. An Edge restart is required.

Delete all contacts in a contact list API call

A new outbound dialing API call ({public api domain}/api/v2/outbound/contactlists/{contactListId}/clear) deletes all contacts in a contact list while keeping the contact list available for references. This new call makes it easier for outbound administrators to keep their contact lists synced to changes in their databases. For more information, see Outbound dialing in the Developer Center.  

Agent schedule change notifications 

Agents now receive a notification when published or republished schedules have an impact on activities scheduled for the future. To receive schedule change notifications, agents must have the Workforce Management > Agent Schedule Notification > View permission assigned to their user role, and administrators must select the notification type when they publish the schedule. For more information, see Publish the schedule.