EU (Frankfurt) region

Genesys added a new AWS region to its Genesys Cloud deployment: EU (Frankfurt) (eu-central-1). Service deployments to this region start on May 2, 2018.


Override calling name trunk setting

Telephony administrators can now use the Name Override Method trunk level setting to override calling party names. This setting prevents Genesys Cloud from sending agents’ full names on external calls. For more information, see the Calling section in External trunk settings.

Contact center

Queues performance view enhancements

New queues performance view enhancements enable contact center supervisors to view additional metric columns, filter by interaction detail, and show, hide, or reorder columns. Additional metrics columns include Flow-Out, Avg Wait, Outbound counts, Handle, Total Handle, Total Talk, Hold, and ACW metrics. Filter by options include Skills, Languages, Direction, Wrap-Up, DNIS, To (email address), User, Campaign Name, and Contact List Name. For more information, see Queues Performance Summary view and Queue Performance Detail view.

Analytics API metrics 

Developers can now use the following Analytics API metrics: Flowout, nOutbound, tAlert, and tNotResponding (contact center metrics); tAbandon and nTransferred conversation (conversation detail record metrics); and contacting and dialing (segment types). For more information, see Metrics in the Developer Center and Plan metrics, measurement, and reporting.