Contact center

Screen share for voice interactions

Agents can now view the customer’s desktop or application during voice interactions. For more information, see About screen share. For a comparison of screen share and co-browse capabilities, see Co-browse vs. screen share feature matrix.  

Call Data Action for call flows in Architect 

Administrators and contact center managers can now use the Call Data action in call flows to retrieve additional information about a customer from a custom data actions integration. Both email flows and call flows now have access to custom data actions and Salesforce data actions. This feature allows Genesys Cloud to more efficiently route email and voice interactions to the appropriate agent or queue. For more information, see About the Call Data Action.


Call data actions for Salesforce data actions

The Salesforce data actions integration now supports inbound, outbound, and in-queue call flows. For more information, see Use data actions with the Salesforce data actions integration.