Contact center

Introducing workforce management shift trading

The new workforce management shift trading feature enables agents to initiate shift trade requests per management unit and offers the option to automatically approve valid requests or send them to administrators for review. Agents can trade shifts with anyone, or offer direct trades to other agents. The ability to trade shifts increases agent satisfaction and reduces the time an administrator spends manually changing schedules. For more information, see Shift trades overview and About workforce management for agents.

Dynamically referenced users in Architect

Administrators and contact center managers can now configure flows to dynamically select set user IDs at run time. This feature enables organizations to personalize customer interactions by sending them to the right user based on customer or interaction data. For more information, see Find User action, Find User by ID action, and Find Users by ID action.

Spam email handling

Administrators can now configure how to handle emails that Genesys Cloud detects as spam. This feature provides administrators with better control over how to process email that Genesys Cloud identifies as spam. For more information, see Manage ACD email routing.

BCC email address field for outbound ACD emails

Administrators can now configure up to five BCC addresses for outbound email replies. This feature enables the organization to keep copies of email on the server, which can be helpful to maintain compliance or to store backup copies. For more information, see Manage ACD email routing.