Improved customer onboarding

Enhancements to Genesys Cloud new customer onboarding simplify the process and reduce ramp-up time. For more information, see Self start: Genesys Cloud onboarding steps.

Contact center

Assign skills without the Master Admin role 

Users can now assign skills without full administrator access. To assign skills, add the Routing > Skill > Assign permission to any role. For more information, see Add or remove user skills.

Web chat appearance enhancement

Administrators can now choose a web chat appearance setting that provides a more modern look and feel to the Genesys Cloud web chat widget on their company website. For more information, see Enable the modern web chat appearance

Improved XLS formatting for reports

The XLS and XLSX formats of the Agent Login-Logout Details, Agent Metrics Export, and Queue Metrics Interval Export reports are now optimized for use within spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. These reports now contain a single column for each data element and do not contain summary rows or page footers. For more information, see Agent Login-Logout Details reportAgent Metrics Export report, and Queue Metrics Interval Export report.