January 18, 2017


Admin UI

A new Admin UI replaces the PureCloud Admin menu. Commands that were previously in the Admin menu now appear on a single page where administrators can easily access admin functions with fewer clicks. The new page includes a collapsible section where helpful guides may sometimes appear, based on the PureCloud subscription and enabled features.

PureCloud community

The PureCloud community, a place to ask questions, connect with others, and stay in the know, is now available to all PureCloud customers. Log in at community.mypurecloud.com to get started.


Order management for number ports

PureCloud Voice administrators can now view their number port orders and edit the activation date and time for an order on a new Orders tab under PureCloud Voice Number Inventory. For more information, see Manage numbers.

Contact center

Permissions required to manage and assign roles

Administrators who manage and assign roles must now have permissions based on the role-related operation, such as add, view, edit, and delete, providing a finer level of control. The new separate permissions replace the role_manager permission previously required for all role changes and assignments. Any roles that used the role_manager permission, including the Admin and Master Admin roles, now have the appropriate new authorization permissions. For more information, see Products, roles, and permissions list.


PureCloud for Chrome

A new Chrome-based extension includes an abbreviated PureCloud feature set that agents can use to control their interactions, receive screen pops, use click-to-dial, and use the PureCloud web-based (WebRTC) phone. The extension features a minimal UI that agents can display alongside other webpages. For more information, see About PureCloud for Chrome (administrators) and About PureCloud for Chrome (agents).