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Action to query bridged data sources in scripts

A new bridge action enables scripts to look up data from an outside data source that is bridge-connected, such as a CRM system or database. For more information, see Look up data from a bridged data source

Maximum lines for outbound dialing campaigns

Agents can now limit the number of lines for each outbound dialing campaign. All dialing modes, except Preview, now use the Number of Outbound Lines setting. For more information, see Create a new campaign.

Norwegian and Mandarin Chinese support in Architect 

Core IVR prompt support in Architect is now available for Norwegian (nb-NO) and Mandarin Chinese (zh-CN). Core support includes recording prompts for Booleans, datetime values, numbers, durations, and string data types. A future release will include ordinal number and time ranges. For more information, see Genesys Cloud supported languages.