Genesys Cloud - December 5, 2018


Mobile badge notifications

Genesys Cloud Collaborate for iOS and Android now supports adding visual alert notifications and missed item counts on the program icon. When a user receives a direct message and/or is tagged in a chat room, Collaborate adds a badge notification to the mobile app icon with the number of items missed. For more information about Collaborate for iOS and Android, see Collaborate for iOS FAQ and Collaborate for Android FAQ.


Improved WebRTC connection times with Trickle ICE

Genesys Cloud WebRTC now supports Trickle ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment) to improve WebRTC connection times. With Trickle ICE, Genesys Cloud WebRTC can establish connections faster when possible, or more slowly and reliably when necessary. For more information, see Trickle ICE for WebRTC overview. This feature requires Edge and Media Tier version or later.

Contact center

New transfer metrics in the Analytics API 

Developers can now access three new metrics in the Genesys Cloud Analytics API: nBlindTransfer, nConsult, and nConsultTransfer. The new metrics provide a more focused analysis of transfer counts than nTransferred, which includes both blind and consult transfers. For more information, see Metrics in the Developer Center.

Historical adherence in the schedule editor

Workforce administrators and supervisors can now optionally view historical adherence information in the schedule editor. For more information, see View adherence information in the schedule editor.